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New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.
330 3830 Monday, 2021-10-25, 6:27 PM
Thread: Hello
Posted by: acdsee7447
General Discussion
Anything NOT related to mugen
374 13898 Sunday, 2012-09-02, 4:18 AM
Thread: So, about tobi...
Posted by: tora2
General Questions
Any doubt you might have about mugen and the forum
276 2356 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 2:33 AM
Thread: Who is is "mastermod&qu...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
General M.U.G.E.N Discussion
Talk about anything mugen related
246 2867 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 2:40 AM
Thread: Search a new spriter for Cha...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
My roster
Show your rare characters to the world May be a video or a list
83 668 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 2:47 AM
Thread: My roster with Rick astley
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Broken links
Report broken links on the database
71 242 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 2:51 AM
Thread: can someone please fix this
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Graphics Section
All GFX related stuffs like sprite edition, images etc
58 665 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 2:55 AM
Thread: Babrico Forum Creaction's
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
General Tutorials
Any tutorial that is NOT mugen related ( games tutorial, windows tutorials etc )
37 198 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:03 AM
Thread: MAME PLUS! 129 With some exp...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106

MUGEN related
Mugen beginners' corner
If you're new to mugen stop by
120 765 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:09 AM
Thread: how to install corectlly dcv...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
mugen releases
Tell people about your char , stage release or update
519 5799 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 11:18 PM
Thread: CM-L SanjiTS Release
Posted by: gekosan
mugen wip
Work in progress. Your wips or the ones you are eager to get
294 5092 Sunday, 2012-09-02, 12:53 PM
Thread: Byakki (W.I.P) by Websta
Posted by: Websta
Mugen creators' background
The men behind the characters
30 322 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:22 AM
Thread: GM
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
How to play with this character?
Teaches you about command list, combos and tricks
74 318 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 7:17 PM
Thread: how to play with KM-MNarutoV5
Posted by: sidsat
mugen help and tutorials
Configuration of the engine or problems with characters and tutorials
409 2676 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:32 AM
Thread: Help
Posted by: LordTobykim1106

Mugen videos
General videos
Any video not mugen related
86 334 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:36 AM
Thread: Naruto Akatsuki Team vs Kisame
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
General Mugen Videos
Show how skilled you are in fighting games
114 449 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:40 AM
Thread: FG-MSasuke Secret Attacks co...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Video challenge
Members choose the opponent and you fight it
58 493 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:44 AM
Thread: Lets Make Mugen Work with Ka...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
mugen video tutorials
Video tutorials you created or found about mugen
30 131 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 3:47 AM
Thread: Make Mugen Fullscreen
Posted by: LordTobykim1106

Characters, stages sharing
Share the characters you created, modified, found
1509 5563 Sunday, 2012-09-02, 12:25 PM
Thread: F-Sasuke by Fxxdark
Posted by: Stelistu007
Character, stage request
Help a friend find a character , increase your reputation Direct download links like sendspace allowed
1097 5216 Sunday, 2012-09-02, 3:11 PM
Thread: Kiba
Posted by: Dingjob123
character trades
Looking for a character that nobody wants to share ? Trade something for it here.
64 382 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 4:02 AM
Thread: i need cheng fu of double dr...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Mugen Resources
Share your sprites and sounds
407 4071 Sunday, 2012-09-02, 3:39 PM
Thread: Some sprites sheets of mine.
Posted by: ananke
Contributor of the month
Here we honor those who share with us
13 83 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 4:10 AM
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Link sharing
Post link to your website. Try not to spam.
97 419 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 4:13 AM
Thread: could you make an account fo...
Posted by: LordTobykim1106

Games discussion
Talk about console games, pc games
208 1881 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 4:17 AM
Thread: Devil May Cry 5
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Cheats Database
Cheats for playstation ps2 ps3 xbox and xbox360
7 63 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 4:19 AM
Thread: Game saves
Posted by: LordTobykim1106
Anime discussion
All about anime and manga
89 1622 Saturday, 2012-09-01, 5:24 PM
Thread: We know now who is Tobi
Posted by: Leo116
Movies and TV Shows
Talk about your favorite movies and shows
35 270 Friday, 2012-08-31, 4:41 PM
Thread: The big bang theory
Posted by: LordTobykim1106

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