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DeferredDate: Sunday, 2011-05-29, 7:50 AM | Message # 1
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Okay... So, I just started to play Mugen a couple hours ago, and I looked in the CMD files for his moves and I was like


because I saw things like D, F, B, etc. (but I already learned the, down, forward, back, etc.)

But what I really don't know is how to do those pesky hyper moves.

Here's an examples of what I don't know:

- ~D, DF, F, x+y <<<---- okay, so , I don't understand why there's a ~ in front of the D, and what is the x+y? I tried down, down-forward, forward, and then z and x (my x+y on my settings) really quick, but it still didn't work.

Hapl ploox

Thanks :D
Mugen_BoyDate: Sunday, 2011-05-29, 11:24 AM | Message # 2
God Of Animation
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~ means that you gotta press it fast and x+y means you need to press two buttons simultaneously
So its in this way:
(Press down fast), Down, Forward, Forward, x+y

sgn_15Date: Sunday, 2011-05-29, 1:33 PM | Message # 3
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; tilde (~) - to detect key releases
; egs. command = ~a ;release the a button
; command = ~D, F, a ;release down, press fwd, then a
; If you want to detect "charge moves", you can specify
; the time the key must be held down for (in game-ticks)
; egs. command = ~30a ;hold a for at least 30 ticks, then release

; plus (+) - Buttons only: simultaneous press
; egs. command = a+b ;press a and b at the same time
; command = x+y+z ;press x, y and z at the same time
; You can combine them:
; eg. command = ~30$D, a+b ;hold D, DB or DF for 30 ticks, release,
; ;then press a and b together

Forum » MUGEN related » How to play with this character? » Juggernaut
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