Scratchy by Carmell

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  Comment by : Metashadow555

  Doesn't this belong in the original section since it's a fan character? dry

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  Comment by : Turkeh

  What the heck is scratchy or A scratchy?![size=7]

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  Comment by : Jon the Cat

  What a Scratchy?

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  Comment by : thomas cabral frenandes

  this guy looks so cute:)

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  Comment by : thomas cabral frenandes

  I am downloading characters right now and have so much that it is scary

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  Comment by : thomas cabral frenandes

  what the *** mario characters do not use guns

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  Comment by : KenFan9276

  omegabros,why do you insult everyone?

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  Comment by : hell killer


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  Comment by : omegabros

  hmm laxxe work is kind of bad...

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  Comment by : Hankyje

  I got this person and overall 6/10 1.His attacks are slow and hard to form a stratagy with 2. hard to defeat when fighting as a npc

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  Comment by : Ness

  whats this got to do with Super Mario???

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  Comment by : ericthemugenman

  wheres that stage??

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