God orochi (king of fighters ) by Ahuron

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One of the the strongest mugen characters. Has the ability to regenerate , some unblockable attacks .cannot be grabbed and cannot be knocked down plus added the factor that it abuses all about anything in its power to seek and destroy others. Massive usage of overly powered attacks. Impossible to defeat fairly.

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  Comment by : Deny_yaa

  to weak for my mugen

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  Comment by : Mugen_Knight

  wow he will be useful

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  Comment by : naruto2167

  kinda overpowered

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  Comment by : huy

  link died

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  Comment by : Christian Darksteel

  I can defeat God Orochi and Kaname together with my Gohan SSJ2 (Z-Sword)without losing too many lifebar.
But Rare Akuma destroy me in less than 5 seconds, lol.

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  Comment by : KK

  Someone give me a move list please,on computer of course

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  Comment by : corruptedsoul99

  impossable to defeat?? tell that to chuck norris

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  Comment by : tommy

  juct change the cns file and u will beat this guy with just one attack...

(but that is cheating of course)

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  Comment by : GBZ

  this orochi looks funny, a lot too imba in my opinion, but ok.

airocana is the greatest bullshit i did ever see as mugen char, i mean look at this: 1 sprite only without any sprite animations, cheap ass teleports and an almost one hit kill attack, i bet people like you and me could also create a char like this in no time, such a piece a shit...

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  Comment by : Luan


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  Comment by : IneedTOknow

  what special moves he have?
or where can i find them?

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  Comment by : birdman hump lil wayne

  haha oh sH**

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  Comment by : trex

  cool but not good to be a god
he is strong man only

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  Comment by : SasukeMadara

  I defeated this guy with http://mugencharacters.ucoz.com/load/17-1-0-1641

It was Madara Uchiha, My madara didn't just defeat 1 of these he beat 2 without breaking a sweat

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  Comment by : Strik$R| PT


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  Comment by : david

  oh my god~.~............

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  Comment by : hotharry

  link die wacko

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  Comment by : buy

  Link is working.

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  Comment by : alan

  cant download. need this character soo badly!

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : Aloyasha2258

  hyper broly could kick his ass badly

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  Comment by : Truegamer

  Where did you get that stage?

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  Comment by : rothima

  I can't download from the server, pls help!

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  Comment by : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  어쩔 ? ㅋㅋ
나저거보다 쌘거있음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  Comment by : boa

  pretty cool, i mean awsome

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  Comment by : Homey111

  hate to tell you but rare akuma destoryed him

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  Comment by : ukrana4iv

  He is a really good character
*Cough* ... i beat him w/ Super Dizzy *Cough*

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  Comment by : kingbany100

  dudes tough

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