Omni by Werewood ( street fighter 4 )

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  for get what i said. he is not that be for a char. he needs all the ones that he attcked their powers. great use of marvel vs. capcom style dude. try to make terry bogard in super street fighter 4 with the looks, graphics, and style. can you try taking the ssbb chars in to mugen and keep their graphics like you did with juri han and seth.

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  sagat, bison, and seth got attacked too so why did you not add thier qualities to akuma. like bisons syco crusher, sagats tiger blast and low tiger blast, and seths telaportation!?

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  Dude can you try to make origenal ssf4 Akuma too

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  since hes mixed with gill then where is the ice. omni should be able to obtain and ice abillity since that was one of gills main moves. his hair should be long and spiky. not likee ssj3 goku but gills hair was a little long. you should try to make ssf4 gill because that would be epic.

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  i don't know how to post videos on it but this i awsome that you did that but that air combo make viewers that they will think that he's also a mvc type ssf4 char. can you see if you can do a crimsion viper as well. good char cool

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