dragon ball af 2.0 Mugen Project beta

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  Comment by : yuio


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  Comment by : yuio

  ทำอย่างไรถึงจะ download dragonball af rare mugen

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  Comment by : dbzVSavatar

  for those who dont know how to convert rar into reg:

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  Comment by : josenildo

  eu to baixando ele agora ei tem vegeta ss3 aqui nesse jogo

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  Comment by : benji

  no encuentro el char de vegeta ssj3

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  Comment by : Artemio

  E muito massa e muito demais.

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  Comment by : stamatis


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  Comment by : stamatis


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  Comment by : poket

  whoa umm how to do moves i dont understand it say press x,d,y... and more cant remeber mugen moves are confuseing but cool

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  Comment by : alex221

  creo q solo tiene 4 chars ese juego

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  Comment by : santi

buen juego

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  Comment by : Archangel009

  Is the teen ssj2 Gohan from the cell saga in this game and can you reupload because your link is dead and alot of people would like to have this game please thank you.:)

oh and for all you psp users my team is looking for members were team Angels and im working on a custom version of DA's M33 firmware its called M33AE it is in prebeta stage and is NOT for download im having lots of problems and the point is it you can play many different movie formats from the XMB, many different audio formats, and im testing to see if the main processor can be pushed and fine tuned a little beyond 333MHZ so more emulators will run at full speed ive basically stripped down DA's M33 and im going through every line and code slowly but i have very little coding skill and the firmware crashes every 2 minutes and ive fried one from overclocking it by doing a little saudering and loading the prebeta so email me if you want to join my team but im gonna need so good hackers because we need to keep the psp alive because sony is to cheap to and an extra anolouge stick and better processor but they can work on a F-ing nuclear ion battery archangel009@live.com

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  Comment by : buy

  Link fixed.

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  Comment by : goku daniel

  no los entiendo x favor pongan algo en español

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  Comment by : miro daro


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  Comment by : alex mircea

  salut mam jucat dragon ball z mugen edition 2008 si mai multe jocuri dragon ball ami placa mult sa joc jocuri de acest gen de bataie am vazut multe desene cu dragon ball z , dragon ball gt si dragon ball af super

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  Comment by : DeLiuxXx

  Nice but 4 char their ?

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  Comment by : killa


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  Comment by : Steve

  Link is Dead :(

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  Comment by : rashawn mckennie

  this game is cool

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