Multiple Man by Amingo

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  Comment by : victimschoice

  Surprisingly good.

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  Comment by : awnser to rars!

  if you want to open rar files just download the free trial of 'win rar' type that in google and just look for a free trial install and open any characters that are rar files its an easy way to do it and open rars

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  Comment by : DJ

  Damn, that guy rocks. I wish i knew how to use "rar" files. But sadly i can't find a free, and easy program to use them so i have to stick with "zip" files. I'm still going to save this guy, and hopefully later i'll learn how to use that kind of file.

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  Comment by : Atom

  very cool. i like marvel characters

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  Comment by : nixon007

  hey isn't multiple man was created by SOS1_bro's??
amigo was the based character that was from IMT (kong)

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  Comment by : bishoptheblue

  i bet this is where they got the idea for naruto

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  Comment by : ZeroX

  actually naruto was only supposed to be a show about nine tailed foxes. in the beginning anyway. dont ask me how it turned into one about ninjas.

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