Sub-Zero ( cartoon style ) by binho

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  Comment by : Lucas D.

  Problem solved: this version won't work at all because it's outdated. Just go to Binho's website and get the latest one:

Works like a charm.

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  Comment by : I'm With Lucas

  I can't get Sub Zero to work, either. Every variant of his name, and the file name's, but he still won't show up.

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  Comment by : Lucas D.

  What name are you supposed to use when adding Sub-Zero to select.def? Reptile and Scorpion went right on, but I've tried every possible way to spell this guy's name and he never appears as a selectable fighter.

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  Comment by : so fan

  how do you do the special move? I've seen the computer do it.

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  Comment by : dr mantap

  where is the list move ?

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