vita ( Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ) by FINIR

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  Comment by : dmc4

  just get a internet translator on your browser it really does come in handy on many sites

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  Comment by : tenchou

  i not speak inglish , so ill do my best xD

the link is working , roll down the page & click on the japanesse button

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  Comment by : Krockyon

  I tried but recieved an error can't u just post vita on a different website?

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  Comment by : PSlourd

  the link doesn't work..


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  Comment by : thegames

  so how exactly do i download it? i can't read what type in.

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  Comment by : thegames

  damn, should have tried downloading before posting, the link isn't working.... unless that site has it somewhere, but i don't understand japanese and the only reasonable box to click doesn't work.

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : thegames

  now if only the nanoha character was as detailed an complete as her XD. thouh it's been ages since the nanoha sprite i saw. another plus is nanoha's killer specials.

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  Comment by : MUGENewbie

  The link doesn't work. Could you please put up a new link so I can download Vita? :(

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  Comment by : buy


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