Shin LVL 2 Akuma by ESFAndy011

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  Comment by : Fangs07

  unfortunately doesnt work for mugen 1.0 same with your mk vs sf ryu sad i have tested both though on my winmugen and there awesome! please could you update them to work on mugen 1.0? it will be highly appreciated. i love your work and downloaded basically everything of your website biggrin

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  Comment by : mko88


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  Comment by : wolfling

  its real easy to download and it works on mine

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  Comment by : .

  when i try to play as him i says:

Error message: Invalid cnstname velocity.jump.x in: const
Error parsing [State 40, 4]
Error in [Statedef 58]
Error in chars/ShinLVL2_Akuma/common1.cns
Error loading chars/ShinLVL2_Akuma/ShinLVL2_Akuma.def
Error loading p1

Library error message: Died parsing const(velocity.jump.x)

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  Comment by : quincy

  his he the best

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  Comment by : LlongJjohnKiller

  Hmm, doesn't seem to work when downloaded.....dies out when trying to fight him. Says it dies when parsing const(velocity.jump.x). Please help.

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  Comment by : PussyHunnter

  lol wtf i will try that one and maybe a move list should help ?

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  Comment by : Drake

  Grandpa Gouki? incredible char though.

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  Comment by : Ryuken

  Very nice char.

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  Comment by : abdou


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  Comment by : Neo_Fire_Sonic

  an akuma without shun goku satsu?thats the special he needs.

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  Comment by : Criticle

  Debo Comentar debido a que es el mejor char de Gouki q aya bisto en toda mi vida XD te doy un 10/10 x el char q esta burda de lo arrecho jamas e bisto un char tan Arrecho :P Gracias x el Char

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  Comment by : tyree131

  my mugen wont let me have this and most modded chars

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  Comment by : buy

  Download mugen again cuz this char works fine.

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  Comment by : Unknown

  Another great char to add to my "Rugal and Akuma" Collection:D

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  Comment by : Omegasynstar

  where can i get that theme cool

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  Comment by : Kura-Kun

  Yeah,that char rocks :)

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  Comment by : din0

  amazing battle smile and char rocks!

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