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  Comment by : Leviathan

  best hitsugaya ever. Needs a moves list tho >.>

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  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  StormEx can you make Ichigo into his release bankai but it didn't low health and after that he can become vaizard until his reiatsu gone or make it infinite. If you do that i will appreciate

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  Comment by : StormEX

  I updated him so now he has his bankai and soul heat! happy

link updated

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  Comment by : mega-bankai-jutsu

  honestly i gotta say stormex team, i love your work, all your characters rock
but if you can, how do you use bankai biggrin

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  Comment by : Anti Arrancar Aizen

  Aqule that used Bankai So far It is never successful Aizen!!
Only weapon that defeats aizen and Tobiume's Bankai of Hinamori!!!
Aizen This Strong,However Not so as Hinamori momo,this stronger Shinigami of the Soul Society!!!

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  Comment by : Bleach fan

  Howeber,not helper version

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  Comment by : Bleach fan

  I would like to play with Hinamori momo fron bleach ds(Any in Japanese version)

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  Comment by : merik

  u guy keep up the good work on these bleach characters they r the best ones out there

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  Comment by : Xenichi

  Hey make a hollow as a toy to play with plx in training

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  Comment by : afan

  you guys do make the best bleach characters. Please keep it up and do other rare and cool ones too. thanx a lot! please don't put alot of characters on screen for samples. just show 1 on 1 so we could see the move sets and specials. oh yeah, don't forget the bankais. great job on those too. :-D

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  Comment by : hotshot

  yo do u think you could make Ulquoirra the 4th i think you can do him the best

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  Comment by : hotshot

  Yo u make the best mugen characters by far keep making them yea

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