rogue (x-men) by xcb big eli king

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  Comment by : wordz

  Strange this shouldnt be forbidden its jus a update of mvc rougue withe a few new specials added.

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  Comment by : snooki want smosh smosh

  can anyone tell me how to un commpress this file easily i already tryed

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  Comment by : Mike

  It would be nice to see her kiss a girl :D

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  Comment by : randomdude101

  thomas hsien i believe updated his rogue his might be better then this one

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  Comment by : vasko9791

  lol adar i agree with you

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  Comment by : adar

  Down backward +a / b / c is getting new power.

Down forward +a / b / c is using it.

She doesnt "steal" power she get random power from X-man but it's still nice.

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  Comment by : spart

  actually she steals from a set of powers that the author coded, mostly x-men and street fighter. I seen akuma, guile, ryu, possibly sakura, sabretooth, wolverine, psylocke, wolverine, cyclops, storm, and possibly magneto.

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  Comment by : adar

  i wanna see if she can kage bushin lol

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  Comment by : adar

  EVERY move in mugen? AWSOME she will have over 3000 different skills its amaizing

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  Comment by : poohshaw

  wat button 2 press to steal moves

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  Comment by : blood katana

  she's cool! my rogue can't even steal powers but only lives.... suke!!

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  Comment by : killerdead5

  plz answer

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  Comment by : killerdead5

  is this site free?

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  Comment by : buy

  What site? If you mean this one sure it is free. Have you paid for anything yet?
If you want you can donate so we can buy disk space to host more chars instead of using other sites ,but it is not mandatory at all.

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  Comment by : prince

  it nice that u have this char but put the download link where someone could see it

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  Comment by : a

  coz she have too good body for ppl see

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  Comment by : king d

  she forbiden cuz she does everyone's moves thats on ur game

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  Comment by : kikinak

  why is this char forbiden? she is not overpowered or anything :/

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  Comment by : uuiz

  this is hot

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