Rukia Kuchik by Giovanmni

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  Comment by : Roki741

  This character would be good without the Six Bars of Light

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  ARGH!! man this one sucked perfectly she used that aprisioning thingie nad she's pretty cheap to fight against don't download her.

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  Comment by : striderhien

  check HIM out????

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  Comment by : raggle

  i found that to be a failure also -_-. I thought Rukia was a girl,I may be wrong

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  Comment by : Bleach Fan

  I would like that you hinamori makes upload, the sub-captain of team 5, in this site. Opposite to place another girl as rukia or those big breast ladyes, It preferred to play with hinamori that the rukia, the rukia and more without favour others that hinamori,In Japanese version

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  Comment by : Allan

  em versão japonesa.

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  Comment by : Allan

  Preferia jogar com hinamori que a rukia, a rukia e mais sem graça demais que a hinamori

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  Comment by : Allan

  eu gostaria que você faz upkoad da hinamori momo ,a sub-capitã da equipe 5,em este site.Inves de colocar outra garota como rukia ou aquelas peitudas

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