U4 Akatsuki Sasuke by U4iHa_ItAcHi

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  Comment by : Some outrage

  OK, instead of you damn haters talking crap on this perfectly good char, WHY DONT WE SEE YOU MAKE ONE?

freakin jackoffs

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  Comment by : alex


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  Comment by : Luke Orozuchi

  GReat character, someone make Zetsu please

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  Comment by : <===8

  opp sasuke ....
suker you're lying your not a man your a bitch my bitch

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  Comment by : the sasuke demon

  wow! pretty good char man i ilke it a lot 5/5

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  Comment by : Uzumaki_Eremita

  make a video plz

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  Comment by : Mary


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  Comment by : Tzuki Hyuuga Uchiha

  Can someone send me the sprites of this guy? I don't think you put it hear, but Im not sure. I have been looking all over for decent sasuke shippuden sprites, And I can't find a single one! The jump ultimate stars quality is bad, and the chidori is aweful! I had one other one with a amaterasu, and a kirin. But sasuke didn't use his sword at all, the idle animation sucks, and the quality is pretty bad. Help?

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  Comment by : uzumakis

  its cool

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  Comment by : xXTeoXx

  nice char ^.^

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  Comment by : john

  can he do turn in to cs2 ????

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  Comment by : konia

  hwy should he....akatsuki sasuke has long lost that power

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  Comment by : RizkyUchiha

  this char look like MG char

0   Spam
  Comment by : konia

  the same sprites were used

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  Comment by : POKEFU

  can you put it on another link I cant download from sendspace

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  Comment by : OPP-Sasuke

  Good job man i like him biggrin cool

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  Comment by : bobinpv


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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  is he really as small as that character? if i make him bigger, is his pixels gonna look funny?

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  Comment by : konia

  yea it is...hardly any good big naruto characters sad

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  Comment by : Alex23

  I'm first ;)
Awesome char!

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