Ishida Uryu by Giovanmni

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  Comment by : killa2843

  this char is awesome best ishida ever thnks biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin download him:yes: respect

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  Comment by : MassDistraction

  Too much health/defence.

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  Comment by : Fua

  Where is giovanni? ive edited this ishida (new skills better effects) and i want upload it so i need his permission..

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  Comment by : Giovanmni

  You have my permission to upload the update one but could you send me the download link for the update too?

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  Comment by : my,

  bad audio,sprites,i dun like all giovanmi chars,all cheap. when grab move or throw,it chars simply disappear,

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  Comment by : yo my

  should this on bleach category?

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  Comment by : uzumakis

  it shouldbein bleach

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  Comment by : Darke_Itachi

  shouldn't this be under bleach?

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  Comment by : Chola94

  I'll give it a spin,it looks rather nice.

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