Inuyasha by Meta Gouki

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  Comment by : Seto Trinity

  I love this version of Inuyasha. I have the broken Screenpack and for whatever reason, no matter how hard I try... I cannot activate any of this Inuyasha's supers. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this.

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  man it says that the fille had an unexpected ending what does it means??

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  gonna download him up man i watched the anime and it s awesome

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  Comment by : asdfghj

  He's not as weak as he seems, its just that the char he's fighting agaist is a terrible combo whore (I have them both).

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  Comment by : ROXAS123

  yeah inuyasha is really good but when i fight his brother the one in the video i always lose if i dont have a partner but if i dont have a partner i use the wind scar over and over unril hes dead smile

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  Comment by : Reyendo

  Is it just me, or is the AI rather weak?

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