Kurosaki Ichigo by haseo ( hichigo )

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  Comment by : TEHROFLKNIFE

  Man, im more intrested in the stage than the character. I NEED that for dante versus vergil, could you please tell me where you got it?

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  Comment by : Bruno

  This Ichigo isnt working on my mugen

When i try tu use it or i fight against it appears the message an error ocurried and mugen must be closed

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  Comment by : dd

  is there a good site download backgrounds?

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  Comment by : ichigo

  YEAH !!!!!!HI Everyone i'm Ichigo Thankz For supporting me for president vote for me.........!!!!!!!:)

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  Comment by : bLAckstar

  thanks! good character considering there isn't many good bleach ones out there.

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  Comment by : bLAckstar

  finally i thought i had found a good, legit ichigo... the link doesnt work! >< can some one PM or e-mail this char to me please!

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : Lolidragon757

  Apperance - awesome ! very good ! :D
Attakes - I like them very much ! very a-like to Ichigo's, and I like the bankai :)
Defence - nice :) it allmost didnt got hurt !
I'll rate it 10 out of 10 !
This it the best char I saw so far in "Ichigo Bleach" catagory.

You have beaten up Hitsogaya Toshiro from the first place :)

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  Comment by : jjjj

  castellano pb XD

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  Comment by : link4671

  Try this ichigo it has all 4 forms http://www.sendspace.com/file/44oo2o

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  Comment by : Poh_Jee

  its hard 2 use bankai

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  Comment by : nameless

  dude just write the caracter's name without the hireswinmugen\ shit

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  Comment by : DarkMonster

  Can someone tell me how i must to do to add a caracter i try to copy the caracter and instal in (hireswinmugen\characters) and i open the game and don't work the caracters plz help me one on (id:kainbloodiest)

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  Comment by : shggy_183

  is this ichigo have a hollow form??

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  Comment by : ahmed

  yeah does any one no when there making a vasto lord ichigo

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  Comment by : Boybakal

  a,a,forward,d =) But Bankai only stays on till u run out of energy biggrin

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  Comment by : victor

  do u know how to use bankai with this ichigo

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