ichigo Kurosaki by Drowin

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Can go bankai and hollow

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  Comment by : Zaraki_Kenpachi

  He hs already explained it above. Read the Posts. megaphone

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  Comment by : nameless

  it would been a great character if it was a chibbii

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  Comment by : striderhien

  how to do bankai:
you must lose 1 round and have less than 50% of your hp then do:
down, down-forward, forward, b

you must lose 1 round and have less than 20% of your hp then do:
down, down-backward, backward, b
notice: this is a counter attack so make sure to get hit when you do this!

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  Comment by : Roki741

  way too hard to get bankai, especially hollow

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  Comment by : danilodli

  how i can make the bankai and hollow transformation??? wink
someone help me please

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