Nero by CaWO4 ( devil may cry )

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  Comment by : INFERNO

  it doesnt work((

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  Comment by : Haruguroi here is a reupload for people who cant download from the site it was originally hosted on

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  Comment by : Alchemy-kun

  no prob. and thnx ill apreciate that! smile

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  Comment by : Haruguroi

  @Alchemy-kun, im sorry i made you feel that way-so i apologize, and whenever i cuss its not to insult per say its just a part of my normal vocabulary, and for pitu it seems to work fine for me but if your having trouble ill reupload it some where where you can get it

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  Comment by : Alchemy-kun

  do u really have to insult me and call me a dumbass u piece of shit? im telling u that when i select him he moves by himself,,maybe its a problem of mine u dont have to insult ppl.

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  Comment by : Haruguroi

  Ur a Dumbass, its not only an AI character i use him all the time i enjoy this character so much, and kudos for you CaWO4 this character is beyond what my expectations were and im glad you made such a superb character that i love even more than dante now

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  Comment by : Alchemy-kun

  nice job man but seriously when i downloaded it and selected him i was surprized cuz u cant fucking play with him its only an AI dude??

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