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  After i look like goku I would be so happy that i could go around and hit peole that mock me and my awesomness. I would be like, "hey you, why are you staring at me" and beat the hell out of that guy. You know how in the game goku does his long distance attacks? Right, so he throws energy at you so fast that you dont have time to think. He says "HIIIJAA" at the same time he throws his energy beam at you with amazing speed and precision. he does that many times to weaken you before the final blow is unleashed. So that move is called "taunting" as he says "HIIIJAA, HIIIJAA, HIIIJAA" three times or more beacuse it looks like you are a horse to him that needs to be taught a lesson. And if that doesnt work than he uses a super fast and wild kind of move that he goes over the other side of the screen as he punches you and is still going forward. You drop flat on your back as he still hasnt finished that awesome mega punch !!! As he turns around to look at you, you are already in a come and he smiles as he says "I want to fight you again". And I bet most of you who fought super goku said to him "give me a break Goku"... But sadly in real life you cant shoot beam particles out from the palm of your hand and cant transform into super form, but you can do things differently. Instead of shooting beams, you slap your foes so hard that they will fall to the ground, if they dont then slap em more. But remember to say "HIIIJAA" when you slap them, othervise it is just an ordinary slap but if you say that of the above then it will have effect and you can feel the power !

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  Comment by : koifish

  um dude thats one long paragraph...its almost perfect but use slang pls ur gonna spam the page

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  Comment by : Nathaniel

  how u turn into ssj3? when i use it i cant turn..but when i fite against him or watch a fite he always turns..and owns all in few seconds!!

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  Comment by : ege

  how u do dat

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  Comment by : Justin

  how do you go ssj3?

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