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Gengar by mugenpoopmaster123

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Night Shade = down fwd x or down fwd y
Shadow Ball = down back x or down back y
Super Taunt = down fwd a or down fwd b
Hypnosis = down back a or down back b
Call Haunter = down back down back b

Super Hammper = down fwd x+y
Toxic Tackle = down back x+y

Dream Eater = down back b while oppenent is asleep and you are performing hypnosis
Dark Pulse = down back down fwd x+y

Special Movements
Dash through solid objects = press c while holding fwd or back
Advance Guard = a+b
Float = Up Up While Jumping

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  Comment by : drawesome55

  awesome! nice smooth movement and suitable attacks 10/10
but i haven't played it yet so i guess i cant really give u 10/10 yet

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  Comment by : Xoni

  Ignore previous comment. Website was down, so couldn't download. It's back up.

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  Comment by : victimschoice

  I take that back, I just beat Carnage with this guy!

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  Comment by : victimschoice

  cool character, but he sucks.

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  Comment by : GUY

  to make this char work u need a hi res mugen. since this is a hi res char

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  Comment by : ilikeluigi

  I downloaded it and it says it's missing some files or something. So I tried it again.... same message.

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  Comment by : kstax

  How do you get the character screen to look like that?

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  Comment by : Edgeworth

  What's the stage, and where do you download it? It would go great with all the pokemon characters. :)

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  Comment by : Schubey

  i<3u no homo

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  Comment by : BlackHound10

  Awesome character! Downloading now happy

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