Kaname Tosen (ichigo) by Alchemist

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  Comment by : killajor

  someone needs to do a ultimate tosen

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  Comment by : Tosen's Enmakoorogi fanclub

  It places Bankai in it!!!

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  Comment by : Tosen's Enmakoorogi fanclub

  Why it does not possess Bankai!!!

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  Comment by : Tom_Anime30FAN

  pls upload sprite sheet

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  Comment by : Tom_Anime30Fan

  where do you download your sprites if u made urself pls upload

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  Comment by : CDAWGSHEE1

  The link sends me to mugen infanty or something like that and i cant download it

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : nameless

  u should do a chibbi tosen no1 ever did it

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  Comment by : berni


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