jackie chan ( mk style ) by team A

Category: ORIGINAL / EDITED CHAR | Added by: buy | Views: 22355 | Downloads: 5143

Fatality: hellfire D, D, D (far)
Mercy y, D
Animality b, a
Animality b, x
Friendship b, b, b
Babality y, x
Brutality drochit x
Harakiri x
Portrait problem that used to show during the fight has been fixed.

Rating: 3.0/4 | Tags: mugen jackie chan ( mk style ) by team A ORIGINAL / EDITED CHAR

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  Comment by : bader

  now do you now stupid

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  Comment by : bader

  Mass distruction

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  Comment by : Silhouette

  Bad character. It causes a large black box with backwards text about Jackie Chan to cover a large portion of the screen as of 08/02/2009

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  Comment by : buy

  Download from the main link above the video cuz i fixed this problem.

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  Comment by : Mass Distraction

  Here's a working link: http://www.esnips.com/doc/a94393a1-975f-4537-bf9e-7933926f377f/jackie-chan

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  Comment by : DukeNukem2417

  The link directs to a Russian Mortal Kombat fan site.

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  Comment by : a


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  Comment by : Celuss

  The link not Works more :(
Please, add new link.

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  Comment by : buy

  I dont have this char anymore. If someone has it reply with a link to download

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  Comment by : PhoboSS

  Jackie Chan by tem(A)

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  Comment by : buy

  Thanks for the info

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  Comment by : raiden of fire

  im downloading that

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  Comment by : bernardo

  thats some cool jackie chan

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