stewie ( family guy ) by shazzo

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  Comment by : Andx

  wow this sucks man what a horrible attempt- to the creator never try this again

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  Comment by : Metashadow555

  Seriously people below, I know this is a crappy char but that is no reason to obsess over warner. It doesn't have to be made by warner to be a good cartoon character. You are making yourselves look like complete noobs. dry

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  Comment by : Basher22

  (BELOW) Spriteswap? Anyone heard of SOUNDSWAP? dry

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  Comment by : Not your business

  Fail spriteswap of CvS Axel by EasyChar/Actarus, and we all know how shitty HIS characters are. In fact, I think I recall someone saying that he thinks his characters are superior.

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  Comment by : RedEye


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  Comment by : serpant02

  Hmm...I think Warner should do Stewie since he has done cartoon comedy characters. Maybe you should do maybe anthother character because your not brilliant when it comes to Cartoon Comedy.

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  Comment by : johnnyboy

  What a shitty character.

Leave the cartoon characters to warner, noob.

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  Comment by : greatmuta

  i now know why you had two on one lol

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