King of Fighters Zillion

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  Comment by : xry


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  Comment by : razzak

  how to run this game?

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  Comment by : soseta666

  i love this game:D

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  Comment by : yadini


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  Comment by : yadini


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  Comment by : rugal98

  hope you fix this game

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  Comment by : MugenHeadNinja

  Hello im MugenHeadNinja from YouTube just Pm me any question about mugen and ill TRY my best to give you a answer also im only downloading this game to test the chars and putting the TRULY WORTHY chars on my main NO LIMIT WINMUGEN PATCH i recommend doing this but trust me dont use the mortal kombat chars they are WAY to overpowered.

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  Comment by : Steve

  Link is Dead :(

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : TheSuburbanTurban

  The game actually quits A LOT for no reason. I don't know how to fix the random errors sad

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  Comment by : kinglion

  wow nice game. althugh i still havent got it yet but from the clip it seems very cool

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  Comment by : Fmod

  When i want to play the video it says .. We`re sorry, this video is no longer availble.
could you guys remake one or repost it plz.. thanks.. greetings Fmod

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  Comment by : dan

  hope this games as good as the clip made it look

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