Samurai Jack by PockeFreeman

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  Comment by : Gino

  The graphics of this character look like they were ripped from an SNES game. The blood is so intense that I feel like I'm playing as a Mortal Kombat character. This character's taunt is an animation of him shaking his head like Dhalsim. Overall, this doesn't feel like a Samurai Jack character, and I don't recommend this download.

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  Comment by : Hakeem

  Anime and cartoon are the same things.Anime is just the japense pronouncement of animation

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  Comment by : Anonymous

  Please fix the broken link.

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : jojo64

  link is broke

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  Comment by : mattwo

  he isn't anime, he is a cartoon made in america by cartoon network studios, it's more americonime (as the maker of teen titans put it). Like Super Robot Monkey Force, Teen Titans or Transformers should be noted that animated is the first american TF series since the beast saga

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