Kisuke Urahara ( ichigo bleech) by Lightmatt

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  so is he worth downloading?

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  Comment by : blaze2k9

  Urahara: "well ichigo it appears you've killed my hat" lol

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  Comment by : Tom_Anime30FAN

  I Already finished the character now to add some cool graphics to his attacks, change his helpers to Hiyory, Chad and the final yoruichi.
40% complete graphics
60% complete custom sprites
100% original sprites

just need some help coding for the explods and helpers though haha.. i'm not very good at coding.
can anyone help? plz

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  Comment by : Tom_Anime30Fan

  yess..... my Urahara char that i made was Un finished but i'm still getting to it. thanks for the upload.

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