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  Comment by : nigg#1

  umm he wont come up in my mugen

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  Comment by : bayu mukti

  it doesn't shown on my mugen characters select. i wrote " naruto-by-alan " on select.def but how can it doesn't shown?

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  Comment by : sandaime

  pls pomognet kak da go zapametq kakvo ime da izpolzvam pls pomognete izpolzvah naruto1 i naruto by alan

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  Comment by : JKOEV

  link is broken

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  Comment by : lori_09876

  kak se kazva igrataaaaaaaaaaaa

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  I got this one he's pretty good once you get the hang of it. And he goes till 6 tails.

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  Comment by : Luke Orozuchi

  Link Broken

buy: fixed

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  Comment by : boyevil

  god charecter i like

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  Comment by : the_shenic

  surprised Fantastic men ,A char Exelent ! Good ! Cool ,Thats Right Yeah Naruto Is Mode God biggrin cool smile wink

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  Comment by : RizkyUchiha

  MGSSJ Chars is more cool than this

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  Comment by : Fcc97

  Naruto 1 movelist
rasengan c
fuuton rasenshuriken down c
oddamarasengan z
gamabunta down z
sennin modo y + z
fuuton gamatenpo x + y
gamabunta sword c + x
naruto rendan y + a
chakra charge a + b
1 tail kyubi down a + b
invocantion jutsu start
multi clone shuriken down start
rasengan double down x
1 tail mode
rasengan b
3 tail rasengan down b
roar down a
hyper roar down x
2 tail rasengan down y
chakra explosion down c
kyubi hands c
chakra explosion2 z
4 tail kyubi down z
kyubi shuriken start
destranformantion down start

4 tail kyubi
menancing blast c
menancing ball down c
roar wave down y
kyubi hands z
punch crunch down b
great roar start
destransformation down start

sennin modo
rasengan c
fuuton rasenshuriken down c
oddamarasengan z
frog song down a
senpou oddamarasengan down y
double rasengan down x
rasenrengan down start
invocation jutsu start
fuuton gamatenpo x + y
naruto rendan a + y
destransformation y + z
gamabunta x + c

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  Comment by : chupapilas

  i love this carachter, sorry for my english im portuguese.

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  Comment by : bad boy

  character is verry good

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  Comment by : Jin

  My Naruto in The mugen can go to sage mode have all rasengan types and he can go from 1 tail to 6 tail
rasengan normal
oadama rasengan
futon rasenshuriken (he doesnt throw it)

sage mode:
fast rasengan
futon rasengan
super rasengan
futon rasenshuriken (he throws it)


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  Comment by : RizkyUchiha

  he cant do rasen rengan

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  Comment by : omgwtfbbq

  how u go on 3 tails :O

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  Comment by : Hyhy

  Please can someone tell me the list of commands? Why do I not get any hits. Thanks

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  Comment by : never_mind

  realy cool character it's have 1 tail when he does in kuuybi rasengan he is getting in 3 tails but only four tails?!?!!? and the sage mode is not very cool maybe my rate will be 4 :)

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  Comment by : RizkyUchiha

  MGSSJ chars more cool

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  Comment by : tron

  I อยาก รู้ วิธี กด sage mode

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  Comment by : Jin


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  Comment by : llololololol

  can someone type all his jutsu

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  Comment by : SpellWiz

  1 thing... i would LOVE to see his clones go sage/kyubii as he does.
i think a perfect naruto would be one that can turn sage, control the nine tails, and when hes about to die he goes one tail.
he could use rasenshuriken (i know i probly spelled that wrong) in normal but he would take some damage as well.
after 2 rasenshurikens in sage mode he would go back to normal.
he could control the nine tails but it would only last a certain amount of time and he would have to w8 a sec to use again.
when he controls the nine tails he moves super fast and the oppent (i cant spell right now) freezes when naruto does a supper attack.
when he goes 1 tail you can transform up to the 8 tails and with each tail he gains health but loses some little by little.
i know this is a big comment but im kinda bored

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  Comment by : kyubi sage naruto

  plz from where i can get sprite sheets of naruto

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Not the best i ve seen so far check out the naruto on a categorie i can't remer he's good dude.

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  Comment by : naruto

  can someone make a naruto with his new form when he could control the nine tails and move really fast and is super strong like in the manga

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  Comment by : Korek

  kirill plz help , i must have this naruto, can you give me another link ??

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  Comment by : Kiril2212
someone made a link

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  Comment by : Kiril2212

  sage mode=x+y
4 tails=(in kyuubi)down+z

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  Comment by : CrazyCool

  sage mode is not x+y man it not workin

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  Comment by : mugenguy

  how the f@!$ can you turn to kyuubi with this pice of s!$# ????

0   Spam
  Comment by : john

  it don't work dude

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  Comment by : Pain

  i know how to turn sage mode,kyuubi 1 tail and 4 tails MUUAHAAHAHHAA

+1   Spam
  Comment by : Zoli

  Well I know how to do every move HAHAHAHAAA biggrin

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  Comment by : Francy4ita

  Guys i found a way to turn into sage mode, press Q+X

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