Yoshi Bonne by DemonicDrPhil

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  Comment by : lu

  i like it as well hes a cool as charlucafelton@hotmail.co.uk

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  Comment by : JayGamer

  Hey, i noticed it wasn't working at first. if it doesn't work for you, just open up the yoshi.def and go down to palettes. delete all the palettes except for "thing.air" and "yoshi.air"(or was it "green.air"?) It should work after that.
Oh, and this is a great character, too.

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  Comment by : arman2003ahmadi: good character!

  Its pretty good character!
If its cheap character, Then i WON'T download it.

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  Comment by : gloriahester

  thing dont work

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  Comment by : KenFan9276


K,do this,go to the data folder and click select.def,then go to where it says randomselect,well erase randomselect and put in the charactars name :D

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  Comment by : Danno461

  oh thats epic... im a newcomer, how do you put characters onto the game?

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  Comment by : tekkles

  he cute lol

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  Comment by : awww


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  Comment by : buy

  Link is working

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  Comment by : Mario64

  omegabros this Yoshi does not suck its a great character! Can you make a better Yoshi?

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  Comment by : omegabros

  why would I theres too many for mugen...

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  Comment by : omegabros

  oh my god this yoshi is crap!

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  Comment by : nodog438

  well i like this yoshi

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