kamek by neokamek

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  Comment by : Danno461

  doesnt work with WinMugen... im 100% sure

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  Comment by : Lord Orga

  That's not a problem. I'm making a few characters myself.

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  Comment by : supersmith

  One problem, he doesn't work with MUGEN 1.0. -_-

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  Comment by : Ace

  i think the reason it is so large is cuz it has like 3 characters in the file ;p read the readme file called Kamekinfo

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  Comment by : Nobody's buisness

  @ Ness Yup. I think I remember seeing a char. file size go the extent of, OH, 3 times the amount of a high-res character.

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  Comment by : Ness

  trust me Ive seen bigger file size i saw a char that was 72mb

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  Comment by : Sonic The Hedgehog

  must be pretty good if it's 18 friggin mb :s

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  Comment by : wow

  18mb!!!!!!???!!! omg

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