Juri by Mr. I, Werewood ( SSF4 AE )

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  Comment by : jd_9393

  It seems like it's been fixed. I have to wait to make for sure.

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  Comment by : anis91

  dead link sad

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  Comment by : JuniorMajinGoku


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  Comment by : Dave-o-rama

  This is awesome... completely accurate to SSF4 and it doesn't lag my computer... a keeper for sure

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  Comment by : 15

  Hey dude this is mugen hero and this char seperates from all the rest of the street fighter chars which is very good. this is what i mean about super street fighter chars great work. if its ok with you i post this char on mugencharacter.uncoz.com
(with out the "S"). mabe if you can start on making super street fighter 4 Ryu so every single ryu will be avalibe for mugen. if this was happened ryu will be one of the greatest icon on mugen. if you do this people wont have to worry about rei's street fighter 3 edit as we know that he is not the ssf4 one. And one more thing...can you also try all the ssf4 chars as well because if you do than you will have the expeirence of creating the best chars ever. make the screenpack for the original super street fighter 4 for winmugen and mugen 1.0 happy cool

KO!!!!!!! Werewood Wins!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!!!!

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