Guile HD by or2

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  Comment by : later slater

  fools search character in google suckers

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  Comment by : Rewmac

  Any movelist avaible? Because if he has the same horrible commands like on the consoles than it might look good but otherwise worthless.

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  Comment by : Bub

  nooooooooooooo the link is broken!!!

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  Comment by : blackangel6132

  how do you download this character?

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  Comment by : xBLITZx

  Link's confusing! >_< Could you make a mirror? "please" biggrin

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  Comment by : Brandon

  the best

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  Comment by : yo

  Help cant download cause the host site is japanese all weird

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  Comment by : Ashton martin

  Best guile ever on mugen even if you riped it no comments come on guys perfect copy

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  Comment by : trojan

  good game

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