Gouken by nejitumin

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  Comment by : Mugen7

  HUH?? what this?

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  Comment by : Mugen7


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  Comment by : 15

  this is the best gouken in mugen yet. awsome job cool biggrin smile happy

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  Comment by : anis91

  dude, i can't control him, he's so great but also so out of control, plz help!

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  Comment by : anoma-screw it

  this is an ok gouken by bloodriotiori's is better

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  Comment by : 323

  This Gouken sucks ass

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  Comment by : Azuroh

  How do you use gouken? i got him on my mugen and he rapes everyone had to seriously tone down his attack, defense, and life just for other chars to stand a chance. He also automatically goes into attack mode on arcade mode and practice so basically hes unusable.

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  Comment by : qoo



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  Comment by : ger

  how can u use this video??? dont you see that your char is deafeted perfecty by Ryu? gouken has no moves? by the video i can say gouken can be hitted but i dunno if he can attack, has specials??? may bee a good char but the video is sooooooooooo bad (could be good if you presentate that ryu, gouken sucked in the video do it agaiin plzz

Maybe because this was the only video available at the time of the post. It was either that video or nothing

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