gill by gm ( street fighter 3 boss )

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  Comment by : folk

  so fuckin confusin cant get it

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  Comment by : gill

  and yes, once extracted, put everything in one folder named after the sf3_gill.def or whatever the character name is in the .def file title.

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  Comment by : gill

  it's really simple.

download them all, for sf3_gill just unzip sf3_gill.part01.rar and it will automatically use all 4 parts to extract properly. Do the same for the gill_snd.part01.rar, and the patch is one file.

In the future, don't let the "parts" confuse you. always download all the parts and just extract from PART01 as if it were one file. The reason this is done is because of NEWSGROUPS and their limit on post/filesize. Suffice it to say you don't really need to know about that.

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  Comment by : don't speak english

  download 1-4 parts and unzip, you will get a folder qhit all the files except the sound;then download the sound and unzip it, then put the sound file in the folder that you get from the first 4 parts, then download the patch and copy all that is inside to the exitin folder and replace it when asked , confusing? not quite, is more confussing to explain than to do it

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  Comment by : Tech

  AM i suppose to extract to all 4 parts and put it in 1 folder and add the sound and AI patch to the same folder

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  Comment by : Bats

  can somebody help me ,call me dumb but i just dont know how to use all those parts and patch i mean how can i make themin to a single folder and how to make it work? wacko

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