Chaos Sonic by Neo_Fire_Sonic/zman, edit by MGSSJ2

Category: SONIC | Added by: buy | Views: 28961 | Downloads: 9691

4 basics.
2 aerial basics.
6 supers.
1 hyper.
1 fatality (instant kill).

Rating: 4.6/18 | Tags: mugen Chaos Sonic by Neo_Fire_Sonic/zman, edit by MGSSJ2 SONIC

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  Comment by : lu

  it was fine for me

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  Comment by : Drakina

  if it doesn't show up on your char list then the folder and def files must be different so make em the same name and you should have no problems

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  Comment by : Andz

  Doesn't show up on my character list... what's up with that? =/

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  Comment by : Jordan

  Cant get him to work :( Help?

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  Comment by : rafx

  can you make another link

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  Comment by : buy

  Link is working

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  Comment by : protector

  cry hey man u think u can make a nazo or shadic....PLZ i dont care if any1 thinks its stupid it banqqing to me tongue

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  Comment by : MGSSJ2

  A Shadic is in my "chars to do" list happy
You may ask Neo_Fire_Sonic for a Nazo char, he has one.

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  Comment by : lucarome

  is this a beta version?

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  Comment by : MGSSJ2

  Nope. I don't plan in further edition, so it's the final version.

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