god kyo by song198601

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  Comment by : LordRyuhishi

  nice Char biggrin XD

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  Comment by : Achyut

  It is a very good character indeed but can be defeated by Rare Akuma, God Orochi, Isabeau ssj9, Final Supreme Vegito, Supreme Gogeta and many more. cool cool cool cool cool

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  Comment by : wordz

  megaman uppercuts the hell out of him at 1:12 lmao

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  Comment by : shadow_lord

  Wouldn't be a bad character if damn near all his specials didn't instantly kill you. His defense is insane as well. The only person I could beat him with was God Orochi and Rare Akuma. I wish I could lower his defense and attacks a little then he would be a awesome boss character. Is there a way to change his stats without messing up his special attacks?

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  Comment by : Tox

  angel not a god but it is at least an angel :

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  Comment by : POKEFU

  dante its a of eve battle screenpack

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  Comment by : Dunny

  I don't mean to burst the bubble but there is nothing godly about this character especially when he's fighting chumps in the video. But nice design :P

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  yeah, thats true.

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  shouldnt this kyo be a god character?

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  Comment by : buy

  I think it is more rare than god smile

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  Comment by : 2000000meme

  beijing 2008 hahahahahahaha XD tongue

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  Comment by : Dante

  How to do the char select screen like this in the video?

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  Comment by : ecool

  bad link

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  Comment by : buy

  Link is working

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  Comment by : uzair

  it is really shit

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  Comment by : leandro

  e ae galera me manda uns personagem do mugem ae pra mim tem como valeu pessoal bom ano novo e muita filicidades

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  Comment by : psychoripper

  this guy makes me shit bricks

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  Comment by : Killa

  i like the char im downloading it now :)

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  Comment by : osacrash69

  the character is cool & all but can u put another link

something else deposit files

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  since when can Kyo use "Hells Murder"?, not complaining, just wondering.

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