holy ken by Sub-Zero and BadBassBoy ( marvel vs capcom style )

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Hard to beat. A lot of his attacks can deal some great number of damage can mostly do a lot of combos that will catch you off guard. Has some weird moves

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[ Download holy ken by Sub-Zero and BadBassBoy ( marvel vs capcom style ) (2.65 Mb)


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  Comment by : mko88

  cool char

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  Comment by : Leviathan

  lame fighting stance. still cool though
how about a moves list?

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  Comment by : darkninja0200

  Looks like he could Give Epyon a run for it's money

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  Comment by : CsubzeRo

  wow...its a stupid fu**ing bastard...holy shit...Nice CHARACTER

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  Comment by : Terror_Skeith

  This is nice man. Thanks for sharing biggrin

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  Comment by : ultimo

  how do u guys create a character by the way nice job on that guy hes really awesome man keep it up

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  Comment by : shadow_lord

  He's pretty good. Can be a challenge if you're not paying attention or if you're not using someone like Rare Akuma.

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  Comment by : Weasel

  damn beasty

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  Comment by : Neo_Fire_Sonic

  I've seen this ken before, my friend was playing as him when I last saw him. I'll finally test him

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  Comment by : Zero

  1st WOW nice fight
2nd what´d you use to rekord?

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  Comment by : N E R O

  That's What Im Talking About

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  Comment by : Wat

  Pretty shitty. Definitely not well-rounded (Just ignore this SinGoku retard), irritating/broken attacks and merely average animations.

While you can beat this guy (He's not too overpowered), he's not worth the download.

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  Comment by : Squeek

  when ryu is a patient fighter, and ken an aggressive then the evil versions are:
ryu patient -> aggressive / evil
ken aggressive -> patient / holy
"evil" is always the i-dont-wanna-be-that-side. in kens case, a holy fighter.

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  best ken ive seen so far, well rounded and easy to use... 5 out of 5

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  Comment by : blood katana

  funny why ryu (the patient fighter) gets evil and ken (the aggressive type) gets a holy....try a fused ryu and ken... RYUKEN!! xD

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  Comment by : Axel Sims

  pretty kick ass

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  Comment by : VPROXY


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  Comment by : Teazz


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  Comment by : Teazz


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  Comment by : andregully


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