Fallen Balrog ( claw ) by Canon Museum

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  Comment by : leaderbloodd

  i want the char not the sound

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  Comment by : leaderbloodd

  wheres the link?

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  Comment by : Lelouch

  Thanks so much for giving the theme. i've been looking for it. i think the character is awesome too.

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  Comment by : Tay2dope

  Ya Mike Tyson is just a dickhead like that so he was lke nope i'll sue if you dont change it

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  Comment by : bajio

  ocremix bgm lol love it!!

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  Comment by : ecool

  download link?:O

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  Comment by : buy

  Below the video

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  Comment by : Blazekig

  fail failed tiene razon k relajo ese con los nombres de estos chars angry

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  Comment by : FAIL FAILED

  Do some reading on them, you'd find out that In order to avoid lawsuits, Balrog was supposed to be M. Bison (kinda like Mike Tyson.) So they switched the names aroung, M. Bison was supposed to be Vega, Vega was Supposed to be Balrog, and Balrog was M. Bison

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  Comment by : FAIL

  that's VEGA! why is it that everyone screws up the names of the big four?!

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  Comment by : Joe

  Doesn't work.

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  Comment by : buy

  What does not work? Have you downloaded the sound file?

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