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  Comment by : markx2475

  Yeah, his original name was Vega, and Balrog was M.Bison (Mike Tyson) but as they were afraid of being sued they changed their names, so Balrog became Vega, Vega became M.Bison, and M.bison became Balrog.

also if you are not able to play with him do this, the character has 2 "states" "forms" so if you wanna play has Dead_Vega rename his folder to Dead_Vega like the "Dead_Vega.def" File.
if you want to play as God_Vega name the folder God_Vega. then on "Data", "Select" type the name of the character you wanna use. DeaD Vega Becomes God Vega when he is near Death.
you can have them both if you make a copy of the folder.

hope that helps biggrin

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  Comment by : Ken25

  I can't seem to play him on my Mugen game for somereason does not show up and I put him on the select list and put him on the character files but seem not to work.

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  Comment by : UchihaAizen

  You have to rename the folder to one the def files in there and if you want both types you must make an extra folder for the other one but copy everything in the orginial folder except for the god vega def or other def file and put in the folder you made

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  Comment by : Seroisly?

  I knew his name was Vega but Balrog was M. Biso and Vega was Balrog?
Whyd they mix them up?

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  Comment by : Someone

  Umm... His name's Vega in Japan. Vega's name in Japan is Balrog, and Balrog's name is M. Bison (as in MIKE Bison/Tyson).

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  Comment by : FAIL


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  Comment by : kevbad

  who is tetsu yatogi?? He looks very good

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