Monky D Luffy (one piece) (not chibi) by Amakiti

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  Comment by : Yoshi

  link dont work wink

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  Comment by : mugen hero

  Dont Listen to those guys this is the very first non chibi one piece char ever and you can make as many as you like. if you can fix this glich then you can have this char in 100% in no time. betwwen you and me ... i really want this char so much. can you put this character least on send space or media fire so people can get this char herd on all over the mugen world..... GGGGGG OOOOOO OOOOOO DDDDDD LUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKK MUGEN WARRIOR :)

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  Comment by : Bluffing

  That's not the non-chibi I kinda hoped for... still , he will do .

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  Comment by : Danno461

  wtf japanese website how can u call this cool

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  Comment by : Graverer

  he is really big shit now,you removed all of his jet moves dry

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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  he looks kinda glitchy

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  Comment by : Drake

  You know, seein' you get ya ass handed to ya doesn't make me wanna download the char. You should just make a video showing off the char's moves in training mode or something.

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  Comment by : Graverer

  Amakiti pls make more one piece chars(not chibi)

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  Comment by : Graverer

  i think this1 is good :) and pls ake more one piece chars(not chibi).

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  Comment by : Yoyo

  this one is shit. as welll

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