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  Comment by : Avid

  @LOL Clearly you just dumbass who acts know every thing and samson you are wrong shen long is on chinese pinyin , which mean dragon uppercut and lol don't even say you know everything about street fighter do some research
heres brief history to explain all you dumbasses like lol , shen long is supposed to be april fools joke back in 1992 when EGM Electronic Gaming Monthly company make a joke about it , who is shenlong guess what its ryu's own dragon uppercut later years capcom dicided to change that make shen long to be first released as gouken debut the name change after years before sf 4 developed..

shen long as in refereed to ryu's old quote which mean " You must overcome my dragon uppercut to even witstand the damage" then rather refeer to real person thats when gouken appear.

and clearly lol your just internet troll who acts and know anything about this dude and yeah if you blame samson by being a strait forward troll you the one who attacks him first so ur' an idiot

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  Comment by : lol @ lol @ samson

  Sounds like you're the one who knows nothing.
If you knew anything about Street Fighter 2, then you'd know that "Sheng Long"="My Dragon Punch"

You could've just said that Sheng Long is the chinese term for Dragon Punch rather then be a troll about it.

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  Comment by : lol @ samson

  sorry samson u obviously know nothing i just had to prove you wrong

in japanese Shenlon, its God Dragon 神龍 dont act like u know japanese plz

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  Comment by : Squeek

  looks like an heavy aged ryu or a human Akuma ..

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  Comment by : samson

  you do know " sheng long " mean dragon punch japanese

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