Super Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes - Beta v. 4.0

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  Comment by : Chidori_Guy

  1GB,You crazy?

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  Comment by : Tetsuo Yagami

  I bookmarked the project's wiki/release page.

If the creators read this any, may I suggest putting Alex from SF3 in the next version?

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  Comment by : david

  how can i get this game or where do i go to download beta and make it a playable game???????? anyone

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  Comment by : happy

  This new version is awesome! SO many more characters like over 100 and anew select screen and in game life bars.

6/5/2010 V6.1

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  Comment by : avon

  i thought it was only 1 gb man

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  Comment by : Jake

  NO FRANK WEST?!?!?!?!

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  Comment by : GBZ

  this game has 1gb! what do you expect?!?!

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  Comment by : leo

  Dr. Doom stage doesnt open where do i find it under so i can change it?

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  Comment by : kj

  this game is fuckin computer crash shit

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  Comment by : psychoripper

  this one of the best mugen games ive found. thanks man!

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  Comment by : qwentin

  can you add characters to this

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  Comment by : BOOYA

  does this come with the characters

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  Comment by : Lithead35

  Takes A While 2 Download :( So I'm Bored

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  Comment by : CHILAQUIL


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  Comment by : Doctrinus

  missing parts 2-11

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  Comment by : buy

  Changed to one link only.

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  Comment by : Arrrowhead

  Time to update to version 4.6

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  Comment by : malcolm239

  if u get it to work can u tell me how

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  Comment by : Ross

  Trying this out for Linux hopefully I can get it to work. Looks great from the vid

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