rare akuma by pots ( latest version )

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  Comment by : Akatsuki-Axel

  hey can you send me the move list cause just when you think you have all the moves down when you watch him play he does something new biggrin oh and all the haters should die cause he is amazing

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  Comment by : Badger

  This...monster...is absolutely awesome. I laugh almost every time I watch him fight. happy

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  Comment by : Cameron Sparks

  never mind :D

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  Comment by : Cameron Sparks

  can you please fix the link when i try to click on it, it doesn't do anything for some reason. thanks

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  Comment by : Keiji

  this is Epic

i let him fight agains my whole char roster..

Rare Akuma beat everything that challenged him..

Damn.. That Dude that has Created this "Creature" can be very proud of himself..

May the Strongest Mugen Char ive ever seen around the Net..

pround to have him in my roster...

"Troops, Aircraf, Rockets... they were all userd before.." LOOOOOOOOL"

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  Comment by : GBZ

  F2 wont work against rare akuma

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : Nobody's buisness

  DANG!!! That guy sure is cheap. I wonder what game that cheap-o came from.

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  Comment by : zero123

  sorry to say this but theres a flaw in devils eye. he can be killed in one hit if u can catch him off guard with rapid fire attack like rare akumas skull rain fireball thingies. beleive me even the weakest chars like master chief can beat him cry

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  Comment by : Dotz

  Devils eye can beat him.

this updated version can't be beat by Deathstar anymore.

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  Comment by : Nobody

  Great Akuma! Fun to use. What's the name of that song that plays when he uses Raging Demon at 0:17??

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  Comment by : Nobody

  Great Akuma! Fun to use. What's the name of the song that plays when he uses Raging Demon at 0:17??

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  Comment by : blood katana

  make a combo that says Mugen Combo (infinite) lols

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  Comment by : DMaine

  You can beat Rare Akuma. Use one of the MegaMan Characters that freezes when they get hit but keep coming. Then you will be able to hit him non stop.

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  Comment by : Celuss

  Oh, man, put in "4shared.com" this link, dude. >.<

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  Comment by : Codename

  omg dry i press F2 and his dead =D

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  Comment by : hanspinacheo

  i know that but it always get disconnected coz i cant use my idm through megaupload..while for the uploading site, i juz cant..so anyone can u give me another link for this character, please..thanks..

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  Comment by : buy

  "Gay, imbalanced??!"

Unbeatable may be the word you're looking for

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  Comment by : buy

  I see, you don't know how to download from megaupload and the likes.Just add the 3 letters and click free download, wait for the countdown and bingo! Not hard at all! I hope you succeed. smile

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  Comment by : hanspinacheo

  i cant download this....... sad

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  Comment by : 7RichyRich7

  [color=blue] i think that was loud and awsome at the same time 2 thumbs ^ =)

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  Comment by : Jay

  Gay, imbalanced??

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