Shaitan / Shin Shaitan by DeUcEoVsPaDeZ Updated

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  Comment by : anis91

  broken link


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  Comment by : shu

  dragon ryu...........(yeah!) oh an this is a good chAR!!! i have nuthin but uber chars in my mugen so this fits in well !! thanks for this char!!! it rocks!! anyones disagrees gets hadokened up the ass!! dont hate cus u cant build a good char!! these things take time!!

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  Comment by : AdamNRG

  Dont know why but cant get him to work, put him in my roster but he just doesnt show up =/

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  Comment by : iKon

  Really? Cheap as hells. And beside that's just too much fuckin hits. Really brutally beatin a character for no reason. People want to win but they would at least need some sort of challenge. Not using a move whore of a character. I like akuma but i could never get this.

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  Comment by : Corruption

  hes a bit like SPO ryu accept hes had about 1kg of crack 40mg of dope and a puff of some weed

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  Comment by : Corruption

  hes the biggest character file ive seen 80mb i havent past 30 untill now

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  Comment by : Fromamugenpro

  lame skills, his barrier is lame can't hit him ONLY if u fireball him or kind of this attack, i've seen the comments, ya good char when u play with it, how about if he's ur opponent ? yea u regret it ... hehe

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  Comment by : Kura-Kun

  WTF!!!!!!!!! Hes cheap and totally crazy and to fat for his size

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  Comment by : Sou-Bot

  he has a big size but its a Gud one noone of my chars could beat him

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  Comment by : adar

  83mb? he should do some diet...

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  Comment by : Unknown

  I can't find Master Ryu anywhere :(

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  Comment by : buy

  What master ryu?

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  Comment by : aquiles

  dude what that "·$%"" this char is awsome!!!!!!! TNX

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  Comment by : woodmyer

  What a Super Ultimate awsome kick ass character!!!!! Need more like this one!!!

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  Comment by : JAPX

  Nice char thanks biggrin

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  Comment by : Steve

  Damn, that looks like a cheap gou...and 83 MB too!

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