god rugal by @ndroide

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  Comment by : Jon_nathan_n

  si me das el permiso para usar algunos tuyos

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  Comment by : Jon_nathan_n

  oye compa haber si me permites usarlo en un MUGEN k estamos haciendo mi staff y yo para hacerlo FULL GAME

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  Comment by : W_Shadow

  awesome char but pls add a movelist biggrin

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  Comment by : the 5th ring

  The Video Is Not For Rugel
It Seems To Me Ken Vs Ryu
Dude Be Serious
If The Char Is Really God Rugal I'll Download it Now Because
I Have forbidden Unbeatible Rugel On My Mugen So I Want One Stronger Than Him

Who Download The Char
Anyone / I need Your Opinion

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  Comment by : DVL

  Where i can find the latest version of Ultimate Rugal by @android?

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  Comment by : MAN

  Nice one ;)

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  Comment by : speedman

  link works

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  Comment by : peter

  hey men me podrias mandar la lista de movimientos de tu excelente creacion porfavor es que lo que isiste con este tipo es lo mejor porfavor de antemano gracias

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  Comment by : bob

  its not even the same one from the video

but thx anyways no movelist?

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  Comment by : ferkazador

  re piola

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  Comment by : Uchiha clan

  can give me the skill list..plizzz!!..i need god rugal skill list...that was my fav char in Kof...TQ..

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  Comment by : shu

  link didnt work...neither 1 says its not there or removed

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  Comment by : clf

  link broken

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  Comment by : buy

  Mirror added

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  Comment by : buy

  Link works

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  Comment by : birdman hump lil wayne


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  Comment by : Unknown

  This char rocks, now I have to find Shin Akuma:D

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  Comment by : Strik$R| PT

  This is a cool characetr! By the way, any one know a COOL MUGEN whit COOL collers and stuff??

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  Comment by : joshua

  how do you create the character?

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  Comment by : DarkMonster

  The link of this caracthers dont work wtf??? why ? how i dl ?? wink

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  Comment by : Redeyeknight

  [size=11] nice fluid motion on ol rugg their well done job , weres the download!

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  Comment by : buy

  Use the alternate link under the video because main link is offline

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  Comment by : LeV@

  Гавно нах мля лажа!!!!!!!!!О_о.i.

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  Comment by : XxGeneralAgonixX

  angry XxTha link for this download char doesn't work angry

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  Comment by : buy

  Alternate leink added!

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  Comment by : themaninredkneedsHALP

  does anyone know if this one have the movelist in the read me, the one I have doesn't have it and apparently some of the moves don't work like the Kaiser Wave, yet the cpu seems to pull it off, along with that Fuck You move he does when he grabs you and blows you up in his had

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  Comment by : baliok

  tongue tongue tongue sad sad sad sad happy happy happy surprised wink tongue wacko surprised sad dry cool cry biggrin happy smile tongue wink

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  Comment by : stayheredon

  nice smile smile cool

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  Comment by : narutoshipuuden

  Works fine for me

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  Comment by : yshoulduknow?

  i cant get it to work WTF

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  Comment by : punkyfunk


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