Fox McCloud by GiganX3

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  Comment by : mugen hero

  Can you edit this fox so there will be a super smash bros. Brawl version... when you do that make sure that fox has every single moves that he does in ssbb for non chibi and chibi versions good luck mugen warrior..... ::::::)))))

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  Comment by : mugen hero

  can you make a chibi version so the mugen world can have a something to look foward to this can be one thing that can change a part of mugen for ever....... beeee strooonnnggg :) :) :) :) :)

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  Comment by : Ayms the Nrix

  Need more Nintendo fans to be mugen authors. :<

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  Comment by : Kiro

  Wow this music is horrible this Fox is horrible My gawd the screen recording is horrible. WTF is this?

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  Comment by : m

  aint showing up on mugen

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  Comment by : arg

  its good

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  Comment by : Ultraxwing

  decent character but his voice is slightly annoying all that i see is bad.

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  Comment by : Thing

  great character =)
anyone know where i can download bugs bunny? biggrin

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