MvC2 homer simpson by Matydel42008

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  Comment by : sub-zero123

  hu ez durvagyözelem volt gyilkos gyözelem mondjuk tamásal ugy hivlyuk hogy sziopata homero ha letépi flabders fejét 2-er

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  Comment by : esma96

  como se llama la cancion que sale al principio?

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  Comment by : esma96

  whats the name of the song (japeenese)

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  Comment by : Spat856

  Nice job Matias :D
oh and guy under my comment he speaks spanish

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  Comment by : man

  Homero: *speaks japaneese*

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  Comment by : JFA

  MvC2Homer edited char from Warner Homer ;-D
so bad combo system...

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  Comment by : Tonh1n

  Hare Hare Yukai \o/!!!!!!!!

Suzumya-sama FTW *.*

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