Vizard Ichigo by Giovanmni

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  Comment by : Blondbert

  Can you Say me the Combos please?? batman

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  Comment by : RainEX


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  Comment by : RainEX

  it looks like ichigo reborned

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  get him iwill.

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  Comment by : omg

  one of the best mugen bleach character

hope their would be a graphic improvement on getsuga tenshou.

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  Comment by : SomebodyUnknown

  its da best character no mugen character i downloaded so far can beat it plus when i play it i survive forever in survival mode

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  Comment by : Alacardt

  Looks like it needs more work..pass. Stormex ichigo is the best one so far.

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  Comment by : Roki741

  Hell yeah, all the Stormex characters are my favorites.

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  Comment by : uzumakis

  its working sin

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  Comment by : Steve

  Works for me :)

Burai still doesnt work though

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  link's not working.

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