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  Comment by : Daxus

  this ichigo was stolen form someone else do not download and promote this. (it is the EXACT buttons and everything form the guy who made seve releases of this on youtube (james anderson wilkes)

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  Comment by : Joe

  You guys wouldn't know a good char if it bit you in the butt^

Press Enter at 3 bars for bankai.

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  Comment by : none ya

  next time, don't use deposit files!

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  Comment by : Sohai

  to bankai simply press the start button when u have 3 bar charged.

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  Comment by : 444

  how to bankai

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Well i'll test him and say what i think later.

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  Comment by : TheDan

  I love thet char!!!! but is there a way to remove the time limit on hollow form?

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  Comment by : Amagai

  awe galera se alguem souber como q invoca a banka e a mascara de Holow me falla awe ta tensso akii ;/

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  Comment by : marlon

  dont kno

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  Comment by : Nobody's buisness

  Well, check out the character on your own. Might be Bankai Ichigo for all you know while you are reading this post.

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  Comment by : Ahmed

  Before i get this char expln what makes him dffrnt from the others

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