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  Comment by : null

  I like her kidos, and her specials are fairly strong, the down dash is broken though

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  Comment by : MUGEN CREATOR

  listen download this char you can easly change there hight,strength,defence,hp

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  Comment by : Roki741

  That ain't really the point, I mean her attacks are pretty limited.

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  Comment by : [Z]ipher

  this character is poorly made. i wouldn't recommend you download this character

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  Comment by : david

  man sos pija de loco es la mejor pagina que he visitado

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  Comment by : Tyyreal

  wow tifa is sexy

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  Comment by : coreycloud

  The moving animation seems weird to me, and some of the attacks are akward. It just doesn't feel like rukia, maybe add some ice attacks for her zanpaktou. Idk if those blasts were kido, but maybe add some of her most used moves like shakkahou or Soukatsui. The blast's look like there coming out of her sword.

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  Comment by : hmm

  Looks ok, but frankly her attacks lack the feel from the real rukia. Could try add ice-based attacks and perhaps if you get further a bankai and the likes.
To corruption, the other guy is trunks from DBZ when he's grown up. There's a really good mugen trunks, can maybe find it with Miraino Trunks (future trunks). Has wicked effects to his attacks.

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  Comment by : Corruption

  whos da other guy can u tell me where to find himmor upload him plz

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